1. Review the clinicians' profile & choose the clinician that will best meet your goals.
2. Contact the clinician by email or phone, to schedule.
3. Read & complete the intake forms (HIPAA Privacy Policies) for that clinician.
4. Bring your intake information with you to the first appointment.

*Insurance: If you are using insurance, please contact your insurance carrier to obtain an authorization for services and your co-payment/deductible.
Intake forms-Dr Vicknair (PDF)
Intake forms-Kim (PDF)
Intake forms-Natasha R. (PDF)
Intake forms-Cheryl (PDF)
Intake forms-Sareena (PDF)
Intake forms-Cathy S. (PDF)
Dr. Vicknair (770) 827-2262
Dr. Vicknair: (770) 827-2262
Cheryl Hughes: (678) 451-8693
Sareena Miduski (678) 908-2603
Kim Hiott: (678) 929-2423
Jay Spinale: (678) 469-5714
Cathy Sutton: (217) 474-6892
Natasha Ramsey: (770) 727-1770
Intake forms-Dr Vicknair (PDF)
Intake forms-Dr Vicknair (PDF)
Intake forms-Dr Vicknair (PDF)
Authorization/Release of Information (PDF)- This form is used when a patient requests health information disclosure.
Leslie Davis: (770) 718-6736
Intake forms-Jay (PDF)
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Policy - This informs new patients of privacy practices. Please read it, but it does not have to be signed or printed.
Judi Winbush: (404) 384-6826
Intake forms-Judi W. (PDF)
Cathy Arrington: (770) 231-9691
Intake forms-Cathy A. (PDF)

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