I want to let you know a little about me, as I will learn more about you when you choose my services. I am married and have two children (four if you count our 4 legged ones!). I am employed as a Behavioral Health Coordinator at Gwinnett Medical Center-Center for Weight Management and run a private practice.

My education/degrees include: a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, a Masters of Science Degree in Counseling (Employee Assistance specialization), and a Ph.D. in Clinical/Health Psychology.
I am Licensed as a Professional Counselor, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and training in Positive Psychology coaching. I have worked in the mental health field since 1994. I primarily use a Cognitive Behavioral approach to counseling . (You may also visit http://nacbt.org/whatiscbt.aspx to learn more about CBT)
Work Experience:
Facilitate group, individual, couples/family counseling, Adjunct Faculty at Brenau University, Keynote Presenter/Speaker, Coach
* Conduct assessments, treatment planning and continuity of care
* Center for Weight mgmt- Behavioral Health
* Supervise intern students/Licensure eligible colleagues
* Community out-reach
* Psychological assessment (Internship)
* Interactive Planning Board member
* Integrative Medicine Board member
* Developed Private practice and Chronic pain management program
* Conduct Anger/Violence, Mental Health and A&D evaluations
* Implemented an Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse program
* Implemented and lead a Stress/Anger management program
* Marketing services
* Ascertained spiritually oriented counseling skills in a residential setting
* Contributed to a publication
* Conducted experiments on participants
* Administered tests and analyzed data
* Utilization of hypnotherapy in psychotherapy
* Acquainted with child behaviors and behavior modification

Professional Presentations (Keynote Speaker):
-Primerica- "Stress is Optional: Live in Balance even During Instability"
-Alcon Pharmaceutical-"Living in Balance: Establishing Healthy Habits"
-Buford City school -"Living in Balance"
-Healthcare Financial Management Association (Georgia Conference)- "Stress-less"
-Gwinnett County Board of Health- "Stress is Optional"
-Gwinnett Hospital System- Topics include: Stress Management, Food Addiction, Communication skills, Happiness, Motivational Interviewing-Stages of change.
-Gwinnett Hospital System- Parish Nurses: "Teen Mental Health: Issues and Treatment"
-Gwinnett County Schools: "Our children and drugs: New developments that every parent must know"
-Medical Social Workers: "The ethics of self care for health care providers"
-Licensed Professional Counselors Assoc. of Georgia- "Interventions for Happiness:
Findings from Positive Psychology"
-Drug Free Work Force: "Happiness and job satisfaction"
-Fox 5 News Interview- "Special assignment on the drug Ecstasy"
-WSB Channel 5 News-Consultant- "The Marijuana trend"
-WGUN 1010 Radio "To the Point"
-Thirty-minute presentation/interview on Substance Abuse in the Workforce
-"Atlanta Live" on TV 57
Thirty-minute segment/interview on Domestic Violence
-Gwinnett Television Network
Gwinnett County Justice Dept.-Two part series "Domestic Violence: Treatment and Awareness"
-Gwinnett Hospital System
Crystal Meth Epidemic
Treatment for Mood Disorders
-SummitRidge Center for Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine
Addiction and Balanced living
"Nutrition and Behavior" lecture
-Genesis Women's' Shelter
"Rebuilding Self-Esteem" education series
-Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
Drug Free Workforce training
Holiday Blues
Stress Management
-Gwinnett County Wellness
Anger and Stress Management training

*Several other appearances/lectures related to professional knowledge

*Anxiety/Stress Management
*Chronic Pain
*Weight mgmt/Bariatric
*Health Psychology (medical/psychological)
*Mood Disorders
*Positive Psychology Coaching
*Health & Wellness
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Cameron & Assoc.
Optum Behavioral
Principal Life
United Healthcare
N. E. Ga Hospital-Valence
Value Options
(770) 827-2262
Devin Vicknair, Ph.D., LPC
Devin Vicknair, Ph.D., LPC

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๏ Family & Couples
๏ Telehealth
๏ Groups
๏ Life Coaching
๏ Employee Assistance
๏ Assessment & Referral
๏ Training & Consultation
๏ Supervision (Licensure)
๏ Nutritional Counseling
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